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Our science based techniques are helping experts and enthusiasts measurably reduce their pain and improve their swing one session at a time.

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Address your pain and other obstacles to elite performance with a licensed sports medicine specialist who understands golf kinematic sequence and has the experience to deliver measurable results.

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About Us

Golf Kinematics is a sports medicine practice serving golf athletes & enthusiasts in Utah.

Get golf performance-focused sports medicine treatment at our Salt Lake City facility. We measure and apply your golf kinematic sequence analysis results in order to customize your treatment to ensure you the best outcome for pain prevention and improved performance on the course.

Golf Kinematics

Utah’s Flagship Golf Performance Therapy Practice.

Golf Kinematics Performance Therapy is the premiere sports medicine practice in Utah. We provide personalized science-based treatment to golf athletes based on an onsite golf swing analysis and have proven to measurably improve their swing and reduce their pain with every session. The new sports medicine practice is led by published scholar and experienced therapist Treylan Loftis, MS, ATC, LAT. Golf Kinematics is changing how golf athletes and enthusiasts receive treatments by incorporating the latest in golf kinematic sequence research and clinical kinesiology to help golfers reduce their physical load effectively while measurably improving their swing performance. These cutting-edge techniques are used to analyze each patient’s kinematic sequence and create an entirely personalized treatment plan to be carried out by our highly skilled professionals session by session for results that can be measured with each treatment. We are setting a new standard for Sports Medicine Therapy for golfers everywhere.


What other golfers are saying.

“The benefit that Trey’s kinematic work provides is invaluable. I love the fact with each session we stack progress on top of progress by moving on to other issues in the body that have been caused by compensations we’ve had to make to get by. Not only were his methods essential in rehabbing from injury, I am now able to train hard and recover faster which allows me to perform at my best. The way his methods stick have shown an increase in swing speed, a more efficient kinematic sequence, and most importantly, I am able to play without pain. I’ve tried various other methods such as chiropractic, where you feel great at first but a few days later need to go back for the same issues, not the case with Trey. I am lucky to have Trey be a part of my team and if he is not part of yours you are getting left behind! ”

Brandon Kida, Pro Golfer

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